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Curtis Blair

I have this "post in my mind", and it directly relates to "ThePirate" here. Bear with me, I just want to say some thoughts.

The "Pirate" obviously to me isn't quite honest. Read his posts, read my responses. Make your own opinion. Blogs are way to "short" to say everything all the time. You'd have to "read my blogs" in a string to "understand all I think. I can't. I'll just do what I can in each "blog".

Curtis Blair was a great "friend" of mine. His younger sister was the "first girl" I feel in love with. I went to school with both. Once I started the "coincutting business", Curtis came to work with me. We went all over "Michigan". I wasn't evan old enough to drink. I was his boss tho. He was over 21. So when we went to the bars (concert bars mostly.. with bands), he bought me drinks. We also went to major "concerts" in Detroit. Basically, we hung out together. He was my friend. A good one.

We lost touch. Years later, I heard... he was arrested for a "sexual" offence. To this day, I don't know exactly what it was. It has something to do with his "step kids" and objects. I NEVER wanted to know more. I could find out easy. Just one of those things I "Prefer" to not even have details.

Curtis was sentenced to "6-11" years in Prison. He did "11". I seen him at a fair a few years ago. All he said was, "he got "6-11", and did "11". He said "You can get into trouble for anything there".

He went in "small" came out "BIG". He must've worked out alot. All "tattoed" too....

As "Big as he is", he is "afraid to even been seen in our town" (where we all grew up).

We all grew "up" in a rough way. The word around town has always been "If Curtis shows up here, he's one dead muther fucker". I know the people, the area too. It's true. Most everyone I (we) grew up with has been "in and out" of jail or prison forever. They wouldn't think twice of beating his ass to a "pulp"! He could've been the biggest drug dealer in the "State".. nobody here would think nothing. He didn't though.. "He messed" with kids"! That won't "fly in this area", I promise!!!

I know "Curt" did bad. I understand that completely. Yet to me, "dammit he was always our buddie". He messed up.. and in a "big way". He paid his "debt to society (what the courts deemed) and now he is back.

I am "often" around groups of people when the "subject" of
"Curt" comes up. Normally, I am the only one saying "chill out, he did his time". I am the "outcast" there, but also "people tend to listen to me alot too". Just being me has an advantage or two.

ThePirate is "lying through his teeth". If you don't "believe" that one, your a stupid fluck! He still needs "redemption". I'd like to see him be actually "honest" (he isn't). I don't believe he was "pursuing males or females" (for sex). If he was, the judgement would be far worse. He was "scoping out and downloading kiddie porn". Pure and simple to me.

If the "Pirate" came back. Blogged like normal I'd accept him. I'd just hope he didn't lie. If "Curtis" comes around me, I'll accept him as a friend as before. Will I trust "Curtis" around my kids? NO.. forgiveness and "trust" are two very different things. To forgive is "automatic", trust always has to be earned....

Gary :)

posted on July 8, 2009 10:11 PM ()

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