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The old they were angryAs they shook their fist to the skyLooking for an answerWanting to know why.But what needs to be knownSometimes is not that easyFor sometimes there is no reasonFor the way life ...
The writer walked the desert sandMidday sun high in the skyAnd he realized that more often than notThere was no answer to the question why.But he continued to travelAt his chosen rate of speedEating, ...
The writer was on a journeyAcross the frozen plainLooking to put his past behind himAlong with the hurt and pain.Life for him had becomeJust too hardHe'd been dealt a handAnd he had played his last ca...
They told him he was a writerBut he didn't see himself that wayFor whatever reasonIt was hard for him to say.One day he saw a puddle of waterIt was muddy and miredIt reminded him of his lifeWhich some...
Standing there bushy and greenSmell of fresh-cut pineTinsel fluttering gentlyHanging like icicles fine.Lights surround the treeAll sparkling and brightRivaled only by the starsThat dance in the sky at...
They gathered in the courtyardSilently they criedFor their king had fallenThe day Camelot died.A future cut shortA star no longer brightExtinguished, vanquished Turning day into night.Plunging a count...
I am reminded Of a particular dayJust a random memoryThat I want to share today.About a sunny meadowIn the middle of nowhereAn afternoon summer breezeWithout a worry or care.The sun shined brightlyFel...
kioThe writer somehow sensedHis time was soon to endAnd he would proceed Without family or friend.Days were celebratedWriting of a life full of painHardships misstepsAnd wanting to do it all again.The...
The colors splashedAcross the morning skyWithin a couple of hoursIt simply passed by.But he lived the momentOver and over againRevisiting from time to timeLike a long lost friend.It brought him comfor...
The writer traveledFrom big city, to small townTaking pieces of lifeFrom every road he went down.He wrote about life and deathOf sunset's and sunrisesLives that were endingAnd joy in a child's eyes.Ha...
Frosty was the morningUpon the window paneWinter was upon usYet but once again.The tree was in the cornerA wisp of evergreen where it stoodOutside the snow blanketed the groundTossed on like a giant w...
She lay in that hospital bedIn the dark of the nightFearing she's lost the battleBut not giving up without a fight.She watched her sistersBefore her they went awayNow she watches her life pass byHour ...
The paths that we have takenThat led us to each otherThe faith we have entrustedOur commitment to one another.You are my loverBut first you are my best friendA bond that will be foreverNever, ever to ...
Following my heartFollowing my dreamAcross the sunny meadowDown around the stream.Going where it goesWherever it leads meAnd where I end upIs where I will be.Not in a raceStopping once in awhileSharin...
We walk the path Together, apartDifferent directionsYour way, not mineYou tell meI beg youNo middle groundNot this time.No wordsSilence fallsNo useNo tears shedMoving alongSomewhere else to goIt fell ...